BullTradeFinder offers a community who range from beginners to full time traders focused on increasing their knowledge and success in the markets. We take pride in our education and teachings that we provide to the community that has helped members grow.

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What is BullTradeFinder?

BullTradeFinder is a community of traders built to help new and experienced traders alike to achieve the next level in their trading by providing trade ideas and educational content. Our goal is to make you confident on your trades and help you find the reasoning behind them and building strategies for the future. BullTradeFinder also has several staff members, support and educational resources to help you achieve the best results.

We send buy and sell alerts directly to your device. Access to over 25+ channels of professional analysts alerting, option order flow, educational content and chats where you can talk with our professional traders. We have a variety of a different tools to help you learn and build confidence in your plays to strategically maximize your profits.

Alerts Sent Directly To Your Device

Our Vision

Our goal is to help members to gain financial freedom from their investments. We thrive on on being able to help others grow into better traders by making successful trades based off extensive technical analysis and market data.

Real Time Alerts

Real Time Alerts with entry and exits and insight on why the trade was taken.

Private Rooms

Get access to our Private Chatroom and Twitter and have the ability to trade, grow and learn with us.

Premium Material

Gain access to an abundance of useful trading information to help you become a successful trader from now and into the future.

Live Trading Sessions

Live trading sessions sharing our screen and hearing our visions throughout the trade.

After Hours Learning

The market never stops. Learning doesn't either. Join our live learning sessions conducted after hours.

8,500+ Members

Be apart of our large and continuously growing community.

Why Do Members Love BullTradeFinder?

In 3 days BullTradeFinder helped me turn $1,500 into $4,800. I'm still amazed about that SPY call by Gnotz! I went 100% against my gut with him and it payed big time. He gave substantial supportive data for the call. Enough to sway my first inclination.

“My opinion as an experienced trader!”

I've been here for around 4 months now and my account has pretty much only gone up, the live classes and everyone being so helpful really have an impact on your trading. I learned most of what I know from this discord.

“New Trader”

To trade part time specially with my hectic schedule, having not only the alerts but sometimes the rationale why they take the trades like charts and news is great for guys like me. Initial DD made easy, you just have to double check it yourself like most us do. But my point is they wont let you go blind taking trades. You know basically whats going to happen or what to expect.

“Great for people with a busy schedule.”

Turned $150 into $1,000 within a month with this trading room. A great place to bounce ideas off each other or listen and learn volumes of knowledge.

“Perfect for small accounts!"

Some of our Member's profits

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$89.95 / Month

Advanced Trading Signals
Actionable Insights
Gnotz Trading Algo Ideas
Darkpool & Options Order Flow
Daily & Weekly Watchlists
Stocks, Options & Futures Actionable Trade Ideas
Weekly Education, Seminars and Q&A
Catalysts & News Coverage
Premium Discord
Daily Live Trading
24/7 Chatroom

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$64.95 USD / Month

Long & Short Signals
Risk Levels Range 1 Through 4
Generated Data-Driven Supply & Demand Zones
Relative Strength Index High & Low Zones
Automatically Generated Trade Channel
“Volatility” Indicator

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$999.95 USD / Lifetime

Long & Short Signals
Risk Levels Range 1 Through 4
Generated Data-Driven Supply & Demand Zones
Relative Strength Index High & Low Zones
Automatically Generated Trade Channel
“Volatility” Indicator

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